Automatic Sprinkler System Usage: Common Mistakes To Avoid

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Taking care of your yard with an automatic sprinkler system should be simple, but a few common slip-ups can lead to bigger problems. At Sprinkler Master Repair Douglas County CO, we’re all about helping you keep your yard in shape without the headache. Got a problem? Just ring us at (303)476-9915.

Common Mistakes

1. Wrong Watering Times

Adjusting your sprinklers to run at dawn is smart. It cuts down on water evaporation and helps water soak deep into the soil, effectively starting your sprinkler system at the ideal time. If you don’t like fiddling with timers, we can do it for you. We also give advice on using water wisely through the year, maximizing the efficiency of your lawn irrigation system.

2. Skipping Head-to-Head Coverage

Uneven watering can leave your grass patchy. Our team adjusts lawn sprinkler heads and plans the best setup for your yard to water every spot evenly. This might mean adding more heads or replacing sprinkler heads to improve water efficiency, helping your yard sprinkler system to operate optimally.

3. Mixing Sprinkler Heads In The Same Zone

Using different types of sprinkler heads in the same zone can lead to uneven watering. We pick the right type for each area to avoid this, helping your automatic sprinkler system waters evenly. After looking at your yard, we might suggest new sprinkler system installs or other changes to water everything evenly.

4. Too Much Water

Using too much or too little water is bad for your plants and lawn. We’ll adjust your watering schedule based on the weather and your yard’s needs, which helps save water and keeps your plants healthy. This balance is crucial for your lawn irrigation system’s effectiveness.

5. Forgetting Seasonal Changes

Your yard’s water needs change with the seasons. We adjust your sprinkler system accordingly. From sprinkler system blowouts in the winter to sprinkler system start-ups in the spring, we’re here for all of the seasonal changes.

6. Ignoring Sprinkler Maintenance

Regular checks can catch small problems before they get big. Our maintenance includes inspecting, cleaning, and replacing parts as needed. This keeps your automatic sprinkler system working well and can make it last longer.

7. Not Planning for Growth

Think ahead about any changes or additions to your yard. If you’re planting new beds or extending the lawn, your sprinkler system might need an update. Adding new zones or heads can help your whole yard get watered. Planning a big change? Let’s talk about how to update your yard sprinkler system to match (303)476-9915.

Avoiding these mistakes can make a big difference in your yard’s health and your water bill. And whenever you need a hand, whether it’s fixing a problem or planning an upgrade, just call Sprinkler Master Repair Douglas County CO at (303)476-9915. We’re here to make yard care easy.

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