How to Prepare Your Sprinkler System for the Summer Heat

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Preparing your sprinkler system for the summer heat is crucial to keep your lawn thriving. High temperatures can lead to increased evaporation and water waste if your system isn’t ready. By taking the time to inspect for a sprinkler leak, adjust heads, and optimize your system, you can help your lawn get the water it needs without wasting resources. Of course, if you’d rather have a professional Sprinkler Master technician do it for you, we’re always here to help. Call us at (303) 476-9915.

Summer heat can stress your sprinkler system

Follow these detailed steps to keep your lawn green and healthy:

1. Inspect and Clean Sprinkler Heads

Check each sprinkler head for clogs or damage. Remove debris and make sure the heads are spraying water evenly. A small brush or a toothbrush can help clean out the nozzles. Sprinkler head replacement may be needed if you find damaged heads to avoid uneven watering. Regular inspection can help determine when sprinkler head replacement is necessary.

2. Adjust Watering Schedule

As temperatures rise, your lawn needs more water. Increase the frequency and duration of watering sessions. Water early in the morning or late in the evening to reduce evaporation. Aim for about one inch of water per week, including rainfall. Proper adjustment can help reduce the need for frequent sprinkler head replacement.

3. Check for Leaks

Inspect your system for leaks in pipes, valves, and sprinkler heads. Sprinkler leak detection is important to find wet spots in your yard or high water bills. Fixing leaks saves water and keeps your system working well. Tighten loose connections and replace faulty parts. Regular sprinkler leak detection helps your system run smoothly and prevents water waste. Our sprinkler technicinas are excellent at finding sprinkler leaks. If you’re having issues, just call us at (303) 476-9915.

4. Mulch Your Lawn

Apply mulch around plants and garden beds. Mulch helps keep moisture in the soil and reduces the need for frequent watering. Use organic mulch like wood chips or straw for the best results. Spread a 2-3 inch layer and avoid piling it against plant stems. This practice reduces the overall demand on your watering system.

5. Install a Rain Sensor

Install a rain sensor to prevent your sprinkler system from running during or after rain. This saves water and prevents over-watering. Choose a sensor that works with your system and install a rain sensor according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Regularly check and clean the sensor to keep it working properly. When you install rain sensor devices, it helps your system work better and saves water. If you need help with this, we’re always just a call away at (303) 476-9915.


A prepared sprinkler system helps keep a healthy lawn during the summer. By inspecting and cleaning heads, adjusting the watering schedule, checking for leaks, mulching, and installing a rain sensor, you can keep your lawn green even in the hottest months. These steps will save water and keep your sprinkler system running well. If you need help with any of these steps (excluding mulching) reach out to Sprinkler Master Repair Douglas County CO at (303) 476-9915 today!

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