The best sprinkler system?

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You've heard us say that we install the best in-ground sprinkler systems, and we mean it! But what makes a sprinkler system the best?


When you get a sprinkler system installed by Sprinkler Master in the Greater South Denver area, you get exactly what you need. And that's what makes it the best!

Good Features of a Sprinkler System

It may be surprising, but there's been a lot of innovation and improvements with sprinkler components over the last few years. A good, modern, efficient sprinkler system will make the most of these new components.

A modern system should have:

  • A smart timer - smart timers help to maximize water efficiency and automate tasks that just weren't feasible before. Automatic rain delays are done reading local weather information, you can turn the entire systems programming on and off from your phone, and test zones all by yourself, without having to run back and forth between your timer and sprinkler system. Most of the time, you can access your smart timer from anywhere in the world - as long as you have an internet connection.
  • Drip lines - Drip lines are becoming more and more popular, and for good reason! Drip lines are extremely efficient and providing water exactly where it's needed. We've seen drip lines used to water trees, flowers in a flower bed, and garden boxes! Anywhere that needs precise watering could benefit from the efficiency and low water consumption of drip lines.
  • Properly configured zones - Zones are the groups of sprinklers that all come on together in a sprinkler system. Different kinds of sprinklers use different amounts of water, and can utilize different pressure levels. A pop-up sprinkler head should almost never be used on the same zone as a rotor sprinkler. Either the pop up will have too much pressure, or the rotor sprinkler won't have enough. Too many heads on a zone will make the whole zone run low on pressure. Meanwhile, too few sprinkler heads on a zone will be less efficient and could result in having to buy an extra timer that you wouldn't have needed!
  • A custom design for your lawn - A sprinkler design should fit your lawn like a well-tailored suit. Every yard is slightly different, and so should sprinkler systems! There are best practices you can use, and certain things will come standard on almost ever system, but a system should be just for your yard. An expert in sprinklers (like Sprinkler Master) can design a custom sprinkler system for your yard, and install it. A properly designed sprinkler system will ensure that your entire yard is covered by sprinkler heads, and watered the perfect amount. Not too much or too little.
  • Simple designs - While the custom design is important, it can seem useless if the design isn't understandable after the fact. Zones should make sense, pipes should be run in an organized way, and sprinkler heads should be evenly spaced according to their spray patterns and manufacturer recommendations. All of these things help to keep the sprinkler system working for longer, but also makes it easier and cheaper to repair when something goes wrong. A few steps done before and during installation can reduce a lot of headaches later on.


    All things considered, it can seem very complicated to get a sprinkler system installed for your yard. And it often can be! So if you want the convenience of an automatic sprinkler system, but don't want to deal with ensuring proper designs and digging trenches, don't worry! Sprinkler Master has you covered!

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